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Named Best Case and Practice Management Software by the NY and NJ Law Journals for 5 years in a row.

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What is SmartAdvocate Legal Management Software?

SmartAdvocate is a powerful, integrated case management system designed for personal injury lawyers, mass tort litigation firms, and other types of litigation law practices. This dynamic software is cloud or server based and designed to help you serve clients more effectively and efficiently.

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  • Automation

    One of the primary benefits of SmartAdvocate's legal case management system is automating your law firm's processes. Exclusive features such as WorkPlans and Automated Procedures ensure that each stage of every case is handled in an appropriate and consistent way. Reminders can be set for important dates.

  • Server or Online Cloud Based

    Award-winning SmartAdvocate is the most powerful and full-featured case management law firm software available, and does not require your own server. SmartAdvocate Cloud is a web-based case management solution that provides the ease and affordability of the cloud, along with depth and sophistication, making SmartAdvocate the best option.

  • Document Creation

    Easily create templates from the documents (Word, PDF, and Excel) your law firm already uses with SmartAdvocate integrations. SmartAdvocate's Document Specialists can also create templates from your existing documents and forms. Thousands of merge codes allow virtually all information within SmartAdvocate to integrate into your documents.

  • Dashboards & Reports

    Dozens of dashboards and reports for Legal Management help you track critical case information, (SOLs, medical records requests, etc.) plus vital firm financial and operational details (including advertising campaigns, outstanding fees, calendar reports, etc.). Set these reports to be automatically emailed to you, so you never have to remember to run them again.

Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say About Us

  • Damon-Pendleton

    "The robust reporting functions and the dashboards that are built into this software are valuable tools that are worth the price of admission.... With SmartAdvocate all the information is right there at your fingertips..."

    Damon PendletonChristina Pendleton & Associates

  • Brian-Dunn

    "SmartAdvocate gives you a competitive advantage over the other personal injury law firms in your market. Just the reporting alone is worth 10 times the price!!"

    Brian DunnCommonwealth Law Group

  • Norma Fuentes

    "With all the CRM programs out there, what makes SmartAdvocate so special? Well, I would say that it is because of all their customizable capabilities and features..."

    Norma FuentesGacovino Lake

  • Jeffrey A. Mitchell

    "I spent many months researching case management software after spending several years with a very expensive and bad program. Ultimately, I decided on Smart Advocate..."

    Jeffrey A. MitchellThe Cochran Firm - New Orleans

  • Michael P. McCready

    "You guys are the best. I can’t begin to tell you how terrific your program is. I love to show my colleagues how I now manage my cases..."

    Michael P. McCreadyMcCready, Garcia and Leet, P.C.

Software Technology That Increases Profitability

Loaded with features, capabilities, and reports that other legal case management systems do not have, SmartAdvocate is litigation case management software on steroids. SmartAdvocate legal management software can reduce busywork, making employees more efficient, and giving you better control over your practice and legal files. Case management software creates increased efficiency and improved productivity and therefore greater profitability.


The Perfect Choice for Legal Case Management Software

SmartAdvocate is the best option on the market for personal injury attorney software. You'll be able to manage clients' cases through every step of the relationship with your firm using our litigation case management system. SmartAdvocate’s Statuses and Sub-Statuses feature allows users to view the progress of every file in their caseload, from pre-signing to pre-litigation, discovery, trial, and post-trial. Combine this with the powerful Intake Case Wizard and you have the best case management system for personal injury lawyers.

Benefits of Our Legal Case Management Tools

  • Legal Case Management App for iOS & Android

    The SmartAdvocate app, compatible with iOS and Android devices, provides on-the-go access to your case information on your phone or tablet from virtually anywhere. Send a text or email, view a document, view the calendar and add appointments, and more, all from within the SmartAdvocate app.

  • Client Portal

    Provide clients instant access to their case information, including documents, the case calendar, notes, and more with the SmartAdvocate Client Portal, freeing up staff time for other responsibilities. The firm maintains complete control over what the client can see in the Client Portal.

  • Extensive Office Calendaring – The Best Calendaring Software for Attorneys & Law Firms

    Easily maintain and view the full calendar for a specific case, the entire office, any group or a single individual. With the SmartAdvocate Outlook plugin, SOLs, critical deadlines, and appointments are integrated into your staff's Outlook calendars. This calendaring software for law firms is one of the best features of our case management software.

  • Document Templates

    Conveniently create templates from your existing documents and forms, which are then available for use in all of your cases, or let our Document Specialists create them for you. Documents can automatically be filled in with information of the case using thousands of merge codes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is SmartAdvocate?

SmartAdvocate is an incredibly powerful, entirely Web-based, and fully integrated case management system used by a wide range of litigation firms. SmartAdvocate is continually updated to make sure that all of our customers can endure the challenges of today’s fast-paced, highly competitive, and tech-demanding world. With our help, law firms can increase their overall profitability and efficiency.

Can SmartAdvocate Tie In With Email Like Microsoft Outlook?

Yes. One great feature of SmartAdvocate is that emails can be sent both from SmartAdvocate and from Outlook, so you can use whichever interface you prefer. When attorneys send email using Outlook, all of their emails can automatically attach to the appropriate case files within SmartAdvocate. And when a paralegal gets an email with attachments, they can save them directly to the Documents page through the Outlook plugin. SmartAdvocate makes it easy to keep all of your communications organized in one place!

Does it Also Work With Calendars Like Microsoft Outlook?

Yes. SmartAdvocate’s Outlook plugin allows for statutes of limitations, critical deadlines, and appointments to be integrated into any of the staff’s Outlook calendars. Staff calendars can display events for a single case, individual or event, use preformatted calendar reports, and see items like adjourned and canceled appointments. We also have a client birthday report: Many firms requested this feature to allow attorneys to reach out to clients with a personal touch.

One particularly powerful feature of SmartAdvocate’s Outlook integration is the “Who Is Where Tomorrow” feature. This tool can look at everyone’s calendars and send an automated email to your inbox every morning outlining where each employee is scheduled to be that day.

Can You Tell Me About the Automated Workflows and Procedures in the Software?

One of SmartAdvocate’s best features is the ability to automate a law firm’s processes. Our exclusive WorkPlans and automated procedures ensure that each stage of every case can be handled in an appropriate and consistent way.

The best way to describe SmartAdvocate’s WorkPlans is that it’s a checklist that can automate routine processes. WorkPlans allow you to have everything in one place so that you can see all of the items needed to complete a project: Teams will no longer need to spend time figuring out what needs to be done, who needs to do it, and what is the next task.

The automated procedures allow law firms to create repeating tasks, send automatic text messages and emails to clients, create multiple reminders or automatically generate documents. Any of these actions can be triggered automatically when events change within a case. For example, when a law firm sends out a retainer to a client for their signature, automatic emails and text messages can be sent as reminders until their e-signature is received. Then, once the case status is changed within SmartAdvocate, the next tasks are assigned to everyone on the team. This type of automation helps to save time, freeing up top talent for things like essential research and investigation, and it also eliminates opportunities for risks and errors.

How Can This Help With Case Tracking?

WorkPlans and automated procedures along with SmartAdvocate’s built-in reports and dashboards allow a firm to easily track each step of a case’s progression. Our software can show what has been accomplished and what still needs to be done, and it can also keep track of a lot of important details that might be needed for a case. For instance, it can tell you the last time that a client was contacted and keep tabs on a client’s diagnoses and severity of injuries.

Another valuable tool that can help with case tracking is the SmartAdvocate app, which allows you to have access to all of your cases on the go. Whether an attorney is in court or out of the office, if they need to access documents or check the status of a case, they can get the information they need in seconds.

And SmartAdvocate doesn’t just help law firms keep track of cases: It helps their clients, too. In the client portal, you can give your clients access so that they can see information about their case, important documents, calendar entries, and notes. This frees your firm’s staff from needing to answer phone calls from clients who have questions about the status of their case: The clients can go into the portal and see the answers for themselves.

Does SmartAdvocate Have Document Management Functions?

Yes: SmartAdvocate’s document management capabilities are among its most robust features.

Users can easily create document templates from their current Word, Excel or PDF forms. Once these templates are created, SmartAdvocate can begin to automatically insert information from cases into those documents using more than 2,500 standard and custom merge codes. Templates can also be copied from case to case as needed.

You can also organize documents using custom folders and search for documents using categories and subcategories, senders and recipients, dates, descriptions, and comments. Documents can be sent out for review or approval and even automatically sent to collect e-signatures. All of the documents can also be exported from a case to build a case package.

One of the best document management functions in the SmartAdvocate case management system is barcoding: Create barcodes and add them into your documents before scanning and each document will be automatically placed into the appropriate case file.

Can SmartAdvocate Integrate With Other Programs?

Yes! We currently offer more than 100 different integrations, with more being added all the time based on our clients’ feedback. We work with numerous software and service providers to deliver seamless integration with different types of software, like accounting, intake, chat, texting, e-signature, phone, court docket and reporting, medical record retrieval, and lean negotiations utilities.

SmartAdvocate can also custom-create integrations: If a firm comes to us looking to add our software to systems that they already have in place, we meet with them to see how we can integrate SmartAdvocate with their system, too.

How Much Will SmartAdvocate Legal Management Software Cost Me?

The cost of SmartAdvocate will vary depending on whether you choose the Cloud or Server version. Contact us at 1-877-GET-SMART and we would be glad to help you figure out which is best for your law firm and give you a quote.

Is the Information Entered Into SmartAdvocate Private and Confidential?

Yes: All of the information within SmartAdvocate is private and confidential and can only be accessed by employees within the firm. Our cloud-based option has bank-caliber data security and is constantly monitored by our IT professionals. We also use the HTTPS protocol so that all data is encrypted in transit. SmartAdvocate can also be used with two-factor authentication for added security.

Do You Offer a Demo?

Yes! We would be glad to give you a demonstration so you can see for yourself how our case management system can help your firm to run more efficiently and effectively. It’s one thing to hear about features and functionalities like WorkPlans or integrations and another to actually see the complete package in action. You’ll soon realize how much SmartAdvocate can help your firm to unlock its full potential. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation, no-risk demonstration of our case management solution.

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SmartAdvocate® is the most powerful, fully integrated case management system available. Initially designed by and for personal injury and mass tort litigation firms, SmartAdvocate® is now used by a wide range of litigation firms throughout the United States and Canada.

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