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SmartAdvocate Cloud-Based Legal Case Management Software

Why Choose Our Case Management Cloud Solution?

SmartAdvocate Cloud can be a more cost-effective way to get the most powerful and advanced case management system available, particularly for smaller firms. Our case management cloud solution delivers powerful efficiency to firms of all sizes regardless of office space. There's no need to purchase and maintain an expensive on-site server, which can also lead to significant savings on IT services. Server maintenance, software upgrades, and the like are all handled for you by our server host. As your firm grows, additional storage can easily be added as needed without restructuring when you use cloud-based legal case management software.

Save Time With Cloud-Based Case Management Software

Since the rise of software as a service (SAAS), case management systems have become more readily accessible and scalable. The best cloud-based case management software fits the rapidly changing needs of a law firm working on mass tort and personal injury litigation. Small firms facing rapid growth have precious little time to waste, and using cloud-based legal case management software removes the need to stop and update, upgrade, or reconfigure key systems. SmartAdvocate Cloud also comes with the professional assistance and support you'd expect from the best case management cloud solution.

If you want to improve efficiency, law firm case management software cloud solutions should offer more than mere document sorting and storage. SmartAdvocate Cloud improves workflow throughout a firm by streamlining intake and marketing and automating as much of the busywork as possible. Our cloud-based case management software keeps information safe, secure, and easily accessible. Barcode scanning features make it even easier to find important documents, and a built-in funding button rapidly submits funding requests for clients without taking time away from the case at hand.

SmartAdvocate's exclusive WorkPlans will help move your firm forward even faster. This "checklist on steroids" not only keeps track of deadlines, essential tasks, and outstanding requests, but it automates the little steps between tasks that take so much time in a regular workday. Partnered with SmartAdvocate's advanced marketing, document management, and communication features, WorkPlans become even more efficient.

Whether you choose the Cloud or Server version of SmartAdvocate, your law firm will get the most powerful case and document management system available. Contact us today for a free demo to see for yourself.


Hardware Specifications
  • Processor
  • RAM
  • Monitor
  • Intel i3 1.8 GHz (or equivalent)
  • 4GB
  • 17” (resolution 1280 X 1024)
  • i7 2.2 GHz (or equivalent)
  • 8GB
  • 19” (resolution 1920 X 1200)


Responsive image


Minimum Required Network Speed


100 Mbps



SmartAdvocate® Cloud Hardware Requirements.

Software Specs


Windows 7, 8, 10
Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Google Chrome 38+
Office Software
Microsoft Office 2010, or later

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SmartAdvocate® is the most powerful, fully integrated case management system available. Initially designed by and for personal injury and mass tort litigation firms, SmartAdvocate® is now used by a wide range of litigation firms throughout the United States and Canada.

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