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20 Influential Lawyers You Should Follow on Twitter

Published on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

20 Influential Lawyers You Should Follow on Twitter

Inspirational quotes by lawyers may not seem like the first source of wisdom you’d seek out, but in truth, lawyer influencers have a lot of words of wisdom to offer lawyers and non-lawyers alike. This infographic, as compiled by SmartAdvocate, is a collection of inspirational quotes from some of the best lawyers on Twitter. Whether you are an aspiring lawyer, an active lawyer, or just anyone interested in innovation, human rights, technology, and progress, you are sure to discover a lawyer quote that resonates with you. If you are interested in hearing more from these lawyer influencers, simply click the Twitter link next to their name to find their Twitter profile.

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20 Influential Lawyers You Should Follow on Twitter - SmartAdvocate.com - Infographic

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  1. “Design is the way to generate promising ideas for how legal services could be improved and then get them developed in quick and effective ways.” — Margaret Hagan @margarethagan
  2. “Now’s the time not to be the same.” — Kevin O’Keefe @kevinokeefe
  3. “Disability is not something we overcome. It’s part of human diversity.” — Haben Girma @HabenGirma
  4. “My passion lies in helping attorneys and legal professionals understand the technology that is available to them, how to use it, and the positive impacts it can have on their business, client relationships, and bottom line.” — Chelsey Lambert @ChelseyLambert
  5. “When we speak of access to justice and equal justice, numbers are powerful but names more so. Numbers show us that systemic discrimination exists. Names remind us of the human element and why it’s so critical to fix our broken system now. Let’s get to work.” — Carolyn Elefant @carolynelefant
  6. “My father was arrested for treason. The charge was politically motivated. The experience made me realise the importance of access to justice for all people, no matter what their background or financial status.” — Sabrina Mahtani @Sabrina_Mahtani
  7. “How much time do you have? That’s right, you don’t know. Which is why you have to be firm, you have to be strong, which is why you can’t let people steal the one thing you can never get back: your precious time.” — Gyi Tsakalakis @gyitsakalakis
  8. “The legal establishment’s willingness to learn from its unhappy customers will determine its standing in a rapidly changing industry where the customer is king.” — Mark A. Cohen @legalmosaic
  9. “Whether rich or poor, fair play has nothing to do with who you are. Things are either right or they’re wrong.” — Jerrold Parker @ParkerWaichman
  10. “We have set in motion the wheels that are going to make virtually every aspect of the legal system — the courts, legal services delivery — much more efficient, much more adept at using technology to deliver services. All that means that they're going to reach more people at more affordable costs, and all of that is a real win for the system.” — Bob Ambrogi @bobambrogi
  11. "Success doesn't just happen. You must create it by taking consistent action. Start today." — Mitch Jackson @mitchjackson
  12. “There’s a temptation to leave behind your humanity and your values at the door when you walk into the office or the courtroom. I believe this is where you need to hold onto your values and sense of humanity the most.” — Jeena Cho @Jeena_Cho
  13. “Language is basic to almost everything we do — and the more nearly you can master it, the more effectively you’ll think, speak, and write.” — Bryan A. Garner @BryanAGarner
  14. “Telling people to move on isn’t healing. Justice heals, and seeing justice done is healing.” — Lawyer Thoughts @lawyerthoughts
  15. “A crisis doesn’t have to be our fate. What I do want to say is that this pandemic gives us an opportunity to actually upgrade our educational system to meet 21st century needs.” — Angelica Jongco @EdEquityLawyer
  16. “Our profession is imbued with many opportunities to make a difference for people, to build the legal equivalent of a cathedral. Remaining connected to meaning and purpose will help us build resiliency in the face of adversity.” — Jayne Reardon @JayneRReardon
  17. “Relationships are the foundation of all that we do. Meet as many people as you can. Talk to people for more than just a story. Learn and read as much as you can.” — Gina Passarella @GpassarellaTAL
  18. “People in rural areas, even if they have the money, often cannot get a proper lawyer for their issues. So we have this massive problem, this crisis in our country.” — Eddie Hartman @EddieRHartman
  19. “You really are ‘in this’ together, so don’t lose sight of the human dimension of law school. Work hard, but also take time to help your classmates be the very best they can be.” — Judge Stephen Dillard @JudgeDillard
  20. “A legal career is a marathon, not a sprint — and whether you're a law student, associate, or partner, you always need to be thinking about the next turn in the road.” — David Lat@DavidLat
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